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Monica M. Gamblin is a leading financial professional specializing in helping women work towards achieving their financial goals.  She began her career in the financial services industry in 2005 with a regional brokerage firm. The Gamblin Group was formed in 2011 and she continues to serve hundreds of families in Saint Louis County.
Because of Monica's prior business experience and professional background, she has an in-depth and unique perspective on the financial needs of a variety of women.  She has worked with women executives from both corporate and non-profit organizations as well as the small business owner.  Monica specializes in helping women of all types work toward achieving financial independence and security by helping them develop individual retirement solutions, asset protection and wealth transfer strategies.    In addition to operating an independent financial services practice, her professional experience includes working in Finance and Accounting for the Department of Defense, in the Procurement Division of SBC Communications, now AT&T, and was owner/operator of a franchise. She graduated from the University of Missouri-Saint Louis with a Bachelor of Science in Economics and she has completed her graduate work at Washington University in Saint Louis, Missouri with a Masters of Business Administration.  She is currently serving as a Board Member for some of the most notable non-profit organizations in the Saint Louis metropolitan area. Originally from Saint Louis, Missouri, Monica currently lives in North Saint Louis County. She is a wife and the mother of two young children. Monica is striving to become the preferred financial solutions provider for women in the Greater Saint Louis area.
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