Mark Rosenberg
      I have been lucky to experience dining from top restaurants such as Cyrus in Healdsburg, California, to the bare bones seafood restaurants where you can smell the ocean and the fisherman pass daily. My favorite place for a burger in Chicago has to be Kumas Corner, if I could get a seat. Tru, in Chicago, was overrated, and Cyrus was UNBELIEVABLE!!! If you are ever in Healdsburg, California, I highly recommend it. Mirai and Kaze have some of the freshest sushi in Chicago.  I would consider myself a foodie. I also cook either experimenting on my own or trying to replicate dishes I have eaten before. I have taken several courses on cooking at The Wooden Spoon in Chicago. I enjoy reading Anthony Bourdain and surfing the web for new exciting meals to master or screw up.      When it comes to drinking I love micro brews, wine, bourbon and tequila. I have spent a lot of time in The Napa and Sonoma valleys developing my palate.  I was spoiled when I first started drinking wine because all I drank was the high end good stuff (Sea Smoke, Merry Edwards, Cakebread, Silver Oak, etc). As my interest grew, I started discovering a lot of value wines and different regions. I really fell in love with Spanish wines, which are great wines for the price.       Tequila. Well I think Patron is overrated, Cazadores is good if you like the spice, but my favorite is Corozon, which is Spanish for "heart". That's a good quality sipping tequila. I don't drink tequila as often as I used to, but a great Mexican restaurant can always persuade me. Salud, in Chicago is a great place to discover your tequila fix.      Bourbon. Sometimes I feel like I am not old enough to drink bourbon, but then there is The Kentucky Derby and Mint Juleps, which got me going. Four Roses is the some of the best, Bookers and Buffalo Trace are up there, too. Templeton Rye has been making quite a name for itself recently as well.       So to sum it up, I have had a lot of dining and drinking experience that has educated me and motivated me to learn more. I know undercooked versus overcooked and what were you thinking versus a mouth watering pleasing of the senses.  It is not just the food that makes a place either. Service and the overall feel of a place can make up where the food has left off.      So hopefully this gives you an idea of my experience and passion for food, wine, and beer. I realized I forgot to talk about beer. Love the belgians, lagers, pilsners, and a few others. Goose Island's Bourbon County Stout is out of this world, but very potent. Lately they have been crafting some exciting beers.
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