Charles Nelson Reilly
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I am a member of the MHS foundation and an avid cyclist with a penchant for good wine.
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Idi Amin Dada spotted in Woonsocket!!!
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Several unreliable sources have reported seeing notorious dictator Gen. Idi AminMore Dada!! Many alcoholic residents have reported to us this is him. Has anyone else seen Big Daddy?
Woonsocket politicians!financial geniuses?
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Simpleton magazine voted our very own Woonsocket politicians as the greatestMore financial geniuses in the USA. The article highlights how the city single handedly drives out thriving businesses to neighboring communities.
65% of Woonsocket residents are unemployable!!!
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Woonsockets unemployed masses are not viable for the workforce due to an outrageouslyMore high alcoholism rate. "Most of our residents smell like booze 24/7",said Dr. Tishman.
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