UPDATE: Mystery Solved! Wedding Crashers Offer 'Heartfelt Apology' to Bride

The crashers reached out to the bride via Facebook after their picture went viral and offered an apology.

The wedding crashers apologized to the bride. Credit: Facebook
The wedding crashers apologized to the bride. Credit: Facebook

by Kara Seymour

Montgomery County, Pennsylvania – Consider the case of the mystery wedding crashers solved.

After a bride went public with picture of a couple she says crashed her January wedding, the pair came forward just hours later.

Their excuse? 

Turns out they just wanted to join the party, they admitted to the bride, 6abc reported.

The crashers reached out to bride Krista Lamlin via Facebook after their picture went viral Thursday. They offered a “heartfelt apology,” according to 6abc.

The crashers told the bride they were guests at Valley Forge Casino and Hotel on Jan. 18, the night of Lamlin’s wedding. “They were looking for something to do and thought that they would join the party. They went on to say they had never done anything like this before,” 6abc reported.

Lamlin was motivated to identify the mystery pair after she looked over photos of her wedding and was struck by how many there were of the unknown couple.

"Now that I've seen my pictures and my video and they're all over the place, I'm a little annoyed because that could have been time or photos that could have been spent on family and friends," the bride told 6abc Thursday.

"They were sitting at a table where it was just my cousins. I knew who I had sat at that table and knew they didn't belong," Lamlin told 6abc. She said the couple was on the dance floor all night and helping themselves to the open bar.

Eventually, the hotel’s wedding coordinator escorted the couple out of the event without incident, 6abc reported.

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Becky April 28, 2014 at 07:57 PM
SPH , I probably should have said seemingly innocuous. I tried to be tactfull because I didn't want to offend the people who weighed in with the opposite verdict as me. I don't like to single out one person with the opposite opinion as me. The weird thing was, you singled me out, and I had the same opinion as you.
Melinda Elaine Buxton April 28, 2014 at 11:30 PM
they need to send a gift... they attending the wedding!
Mimi Alt April 29, 2014 at 08:23 AM
Omg no harm done ...great story to tell the grand kids ....ok so if they send a gift that would be cool....I would love to crash a wedding ...stop the drama ...love that couple...lol
SPH April 29, 2014 at 10:21 AM
Some of you people need to understand that these wedding crashers often cost the wedding party money, and not a little money either.


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