St. Charles Sets Traffic Route for Riverfest

Larger-than-average crowds are expected.

St. Charles is anticipating larger-than-normal crowds for its fireworks display which will cap off the day-long Riverfest events July 4. 

have establishd traffic routes to help assist with traffic flow. 

People parked north of Jefferson Street, including in the City garage, will be routed to Clark Street which will take them to North Second Street and North Fifth Street, from which they can go north to 370. Southbound traffic will not be allowed on Second Street or Fifth Street north of Jefferson Street. 

Alternatively, people parked north of Jefferson Street can take Kingshighway north to 370 or south to First Capitol where they can get on Interstate 70.

People parked south of Jefferson Street will be routed to First Capitol, Booneslick Road or Ameristar Blvd where they can reach First Capitol and Interstate 70 of Fifth Street and Interstate 70. 

See the attached map. 

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