Maris Ehlers' Photography "30 Days of Summer" Contest

Capture 30 images. Use multiple themes. Challenge your photography skills. Impress Maris Ehlers. Participate in St. Michael Patch and Maris Ehlers' lastest photography frenzy!

Welcome to the 30 Days of Summer Photo Challenge by Maris Ehlers Photography. We’ll be hosting it here on the St. Michael Patch, and announcing winners at the end of the summer on our blogs and facebook page.  Who knows, we might even have a few random winners/highlights throughout the challenge itself.

Your first thought might be that there are actually more than 30 days during the season, and while that’s true, we thought 30 different themes were plenty to keep your camera out and lens cap off this summer, and we hope you’ll be inspired to capture your best summertime fun images yet. 

To get you started, here is how we are going to do this challenge in hopes of making things easier and more enjoyable for everyone:

1.  The challenge is open between now and August 30, 2012, and entries should be posted on St. Michael Patch. You do not need to be a local resident to participate, but you do need to create a Patch account if you want to post.

2.  Pick a theme. Any theme. All themes are posted today in the big photo, which means you do not have to go in order. On any given day, pick a theme that fits your plans and get shooting. Here’s an example: if your child’s birthday is on July 15th and you are having a party at your house, that might be the perfect day for you to choose Day 13, which is, ironically enough, “Party”. 

3.  You can do a theme as many times as you like, but please do as many as you can and don’t shy away from ones that you think might be less interesting or more difficult.  Often, those are the types of pictures that push you and your abilities and end up being the most satisfying.

4.  When you post a picture, please be SURE to include the Day and Theme (i.e. “Day 8 - Rain”).

5.  Directions to posting are as follows:

a. Read this article.

b. Click on the GREEN "Upload Photos" button.

c. Upload your photo, and include all the information requested in Step 4 in the CAPTION area. Also include your name.

d. It's that simple. Really.

6.  All daily topics / themes are open to interpretation.  Be creative and enjoy the process!

Happy shooting!


Mary Foster June 22, 2012 at 02:11 PM
Nice challenge! Good reason to get out and photograph during the summer months. http://www.photography-tips-and-resources.com
Maris Ehlers June 24, 2012 at 03:55 PM
The picture I just posted but was unable to tag (user error) was for Day 12 - Boats. A portrait is a picture of a person that should tell you something about the subject(s). In this case, the couple in the photograph lives just off of Lake Harriet in Minneapolis. They love the area and enjoy strolling along the lake. The boats in the background make for a perfect backdrop to provide context to the area and to their interests.


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