GAC North Volleyball All Conference Teams

Students from St. Charles, St. Charles West, Warrenton and Winfield High School volleyball teams are on the all-conference team.

GAC North Volleyball All Conference

First Team:

Dani Eschweiler, St. Charles West High School

Christina Naumann, St. Charles West High School

Casey Joslin, St. Charles High School

Daphne Meine, Warrenton High  School

Allison Reller, Winfield High School

Meghan Boschert, Orchard Farm High School

Tess Buechter, Orchard Farm High School

Second Team:

Miranda Pierce, St. Charles West High School

Kacy Eschweiler, St. Charles West High School

Jilli Zimpfer, St. Charles High School

Abby Wootten, St. Charles High School

Maddy Sutherland, Warrenton High School

Katie Burkemper, Winfield High School

Jaclyn Sommerlad, Winfield High School

St. Charles High School 

Casey Joslin

Rachel Welch

Abby Wootten

Jilli Zimpfer

Liz Schlueter

Jennifer Revell

St. Charles West

Dani Eschweiler

Kacy Eschweiler

Brittani Justin

Christina Naumann

Maddy Litschgi

Morgan Griffiths

Miranda Pierce

Maranda Smith

Orchard Farm

Meghan Boschert

Erika Buchheit

Jordan Johnston

Jessica Le

Sarah Le

Claire Liston

Alexandra Prinster

Kelly Randell

Grace Schroeder

Brooke Semke

Kaitlyn Steinhoff

GAC North Sportsmanship Team

Liz Schlueter – St. Charles

Brittani Justin – St. Charles West

Madie Heath – Warrenton

Heather Duckett – Winfield

Claire Liston – Orchard Farm


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