West Middle Student Confesses to Bringing Bullet to School

A student found the bullet in the 6th grade hallway on Monday.

A Hazelwood West Middle School student has admitted to bringing a bullet on the the Hazelwood School District Campus.

The person responsible for bringing the bullet admitted to finding it off campus and bringing into the building by accident, according to HWMS Principal Tony Brooks.

He said a full investigation has been completed and the Hazelwood Student Behavior Guide was followed.

The district, along with the Hazelwood Police Department was investigating how a bullet showed up in a HWMS hallway.

"This afternoon, it was brought to my attention that a student in the 6th grade hallway found a single bullet," said HWMS Principal Tony Brooks in an email to parents on Monday. "There was nothing else accompanying the bullet."

A student found the bullet in the 6th grade hallway. The district searched all lockers in the area it was found, and also conducted a more extensive search on Tuesday.

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Brooks said it's important for parents to help reinforce keeping inappropriate objects away from school.

"Please help me in reminding all of our students about the seriousness of picking things up and bringing them to school," he said in a Tuesday email to parents. "In light of the increasing concerns we have for our children, it is important that we reiterate how to make good decisions in the community and how they may impact all of us in school."

Brooks said the school will move forward in taking additional safety and security measures.

There was no mention of disciplinary action for the student who brought the bullet to school.

Ashley December 19, 2012 at 03:42 PM
Good news, but what's going to happen to him? What will teach him or her that it's not okay to do something like this? Suspension, expulsion. The bullet could have done damage.
Bob Emling December 19, 2012 at 06:05 PM
I think having him or her write: " I will not bring a bullet to school." 5000 times while listening to 1920's harmonica music would be a good punishment. Children must learn that there are consequences for their actions.


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