Grants Put New Techology in the Classroom

St. Charles School District Foundation awarded teachers more than $8,000 to purchase materials or supplies for projects.

Several teachers and staff members in the will have funds to purchase materials to help them implement big projects next year thanks to the St. Charles School District Foundation.

The foundation awards grants each year to teachers who apply for funding for materials or supplies needed to put big ideas into action.

These grants are a way for teachers to get new technology, such as iPads and Kindles, into the classroom at a time when district budgets are tight.

This year the foundation awarded more than $8,000 in funding to teachers. The prize patrol went around to inform teachers on Tuesday. Typically the foundation gives out $7,500.

"We upped it a little bit because of the quality of grants we had," foundation board member Steve Grote said. "There were many good ones. Some of them we could only partially fund, but we go them part of it to get it started."

One of the grants will fund Kindle e-readers for kids at . Another grant funds an iPod touch to help students who are language impaired increase their vocabulary skills.

Grote said his hope is to have the district eventually expand these devices across the schools if the teachers find success in using them.

"It's just another tool to help the students learn," he said.

The foundation receives funding through donations. Find out more about donating or participating in a fundraiser here.

2012 St. Charles School District Foundation Grants

Grant Title Funding Applicant School "Need to Read" communication arts for pre K through first grade students $632.50 Kim Morgan
"Kids Discover Nonfiction"-English language learner students and struggling readers $471.68 Kate Cox
"Opening the Lines of Communication" - technology, commication arts, math, science, foreign language
$710 Christie Hawkins
"Student Response System-Student Feedback"-science $420 Heather Horstmann
"iPod Touch to Increase Subject-Specific Vocabulary Skills Through Multiple Modalities" for language impaired students
$428.99 Tricia Kaelin
"Kindles for Kids"-reading, writing, spelling, social studies $477.57 Kathy Barnett
"iPods & Software to Improve Learning Outcomes"-functional academics and transition $1,024.94 Margaret Kelpe
"Integrating Music Into the Elementary Classroom"-music $1,925 Carol McDowell
"Innovative Assessment"-health $830.51 Casey Lober
"Egg-cited About Reading"-reading and technology $1,211.20 Christie Hawkins


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