Update: Two O'Fallon Candidates Removed From Ballot for April Election

Thirteen candidates were submitted to the Election Authority on Tuesday and will appear on the O'Fallon ballot in April.

The City of O'Fallon issued an updated list of candidates for the April 2013 election of mayor and city council members on Tuesday afternoon. 

O'Fallon City Clerk Pam Clement sent the final list of names to the Election Authority on Tuesday. According to Clement, she could not certify Ward 5 candidates Vicki Schneider or Jim Reiter due to section 115.346 of the Revised Missouri State Statues.

According to the statues: 

Persons in arrears for municipal taxes or fees shall not be candidates for municipal office, when: 

115.346. Notwithstanding any other provisions of law to the contrary, no person shall be certified as a candidate for a municipal office, nor shall such person's name appear on the ballot as a candidate for such office, who shall be in arrears for any unpaid city taxes or municipal user fees on the last day to file a declaration of candidacy for the office.

The terms of Rick Lucas, Jim Pepper, Rick Battelle, Jeff Schwentker and Michael Snowden end in April, leaving one seat open in wards 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Mayor Bill Hennessy's term also ends in April. Council members serve three-year terms. The mayor serves a four-year term. 

Thirteen candidates were submitted to the Election Authority on Tuesday and will appear on the O'Fallon ballot: 

Candidates in filing order: 


William "Bill" Hennessy filed for re-election.

Dave Goewert

Ward 1

AC Arnie C. Dienoff 

Kevin Wattelet 

Rick Lucas filed for re-election 

Ward 2

Jim Pepper filed for re-election.

Mary Sue Laulo


Ward 3

Richard "Rick" Battelle filed for re-election.

Carolyn Yelich


Ward 4

Incumbant Jeff Schwentker is running for re-election.

Byron Ward

Ward 5

Michael Snowden filed for election. *The Mayor appointed Snowden last January to fulfill the term of Mark Perkins who resigned. 

Jeff Houston



Jim Frain January 22, 2013 at 11:12 PM
The O'Fallon candidates are ready to let us know why they can do a great job if they are re-elected or elected to office in O'Fallon...Please make this a positive campaign where the issues are discussed, a positive atmosphere is maintained and the residents/voters study the candidates carefully before voting.
Jim Pepper January 24, 2013 at 04:28 PM
Jim, I totally agree! Look at their track record, performance of their duties and whether they are looking out for our citizens and businesses. As a Charter city, do they vigorously support adherence to the Charter? How active are they in support of economic development? The citizens should ask the hard questions and not take a PC answer.
Mr. Frain hopefully in this Campaign and Election Cycle there will be No bad and unethical contributions from developers to buy their way around City Ordinances, Rules and Regulations. This was the case in the 2011 City Council Race. I am always positive as I love O’ Fallon and want the very best for its future! My track record is simple and direct, I serve the residents over ALL special interest and always mandate transparency and accountable actions of municipal government “FOR” “BY” and “OF” the people. No more fraud, no more back-room conference room deals and negotiations’ at McGurk’s. No more wasteful and misappropriation of taxpayers money under my watch. Mr. Pepper: The City Charter needs to be followed to a ‘T” by both elected and appointed officials alike. No ands, buts or ifs and I am sick and tired of hearing “well the charter does not apply to me” when some officials look the other way, thumb their nose at the system and make their own rules to appease their political party and stake in City Hall. Economic Development is the “Bread and Butter” of our income and the services that we provide our residents. Economic Development is the staple of our existence and must be our top priority. So Dienoff Check Mark, Being a great Community Advocate of all residents. Dienoff Check Mark, always follow the City Charter Dienoff Check Mark, for Economic Development AC Dienoff, City Council Candidate and Public Advocate
Mr. Pepper: And what is “PC?” Pro-Citizens? Dienoff Check Mark for all each and every citizen of our Great City. AC Dienoff, City Council Public Advocate and Candidate for the City Council for and by the People


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