St. Charles City Council Ward 1 Candidate Profile: Mary Ann Ohms

Ohms says her background sets her apart from the other candidates.

Mary Ann Ohms is one of three candidates running to represent Ward 1 on the St. Charles City Council. The other candidates, Kenny Biermann and Rory Riddler have their candidate profiles posted as well. Ohms submitted answers to the questions  to St. Charles Patch via email. The answers are edited for spelling only.



Age:  55

Family: Single 

Education: Washington University, BS with major in economics; Saint Louis University, MBA and JD (law) degrees

Occupation: Attorney

Party affiliation: Independent voter

Previous elected offices: N/A (first time running for elected office)

Applicable experience: I have participated in the city in years past on the Board of Adjustment and on the Parks and Recreation Board.


What is the primary reason you are running for this office? 

In years past I have participated in the city on a volunteer basis, and now desire to have a more active and positive role in our city's future. I want to see St. Charles continue to be one of the best places to raise a family, educate your children, and to operate a business.

What will be your single most important priority if you get elected? 

My priority if elected will be to listen to the residents and businesses in Ward 1, and to be their advocate in securing city resources which respond to their concerns and needs. To further this priority, I will be accessible via the telephone and email, and I will hold neighborhood meetings and/or undertake other efforts to meet with the citizens.

What sets you apart from the other candidates, if contested? 

My background in law and business, as well as my other work experiences, sets me apart from the other candidates. Given these experiences, I will review city matters in a unique light. In addition, as a practicing attorney, my professional life has been one of listening to people, and then working with them to resolve the issues.  I will bring these skills to the city council.

How long have you lived in St. Charles?  Over 13 years.

What's your favorite thing about St. Charles? 

My favorite thing about Saint Charles is that it is a unique place to live and work:  It has rich traditions which our city has been preserving in our historical districts and neighborhoods, and there is a sense of community which is very much alive in these areas as well as in the newer areas of the city.

What is the biggest problem in St. Charles? 

While there are many problems facing the city of St. Charles, and there are many competing demands for limited city funds and resources, we need to address the aging infrastructures in the older neighborhoods, such as with the sewers, sidewalks, roads and alleys, and the delays in the completion of current roadway improvements. Without such capital improvements and better planning, we may be heading to larger, more expensive problems in the future. And, presently, these issues with the various infrastructures cause inconveniences to our residents, hurt the St. Charles brand, and may be hampering business investment, and re-investment, in these areas.


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