Poll: Should Lingerie Football League Play at the St. Charles Family Arena?

League has not signed contract with St. Charles County yet.

The Lingerie Football League has not yet signed an agreement to play games at the , although the league announced expansion plans in St. Louis last week. 

A police committee comprising three people from government determined the league didn't violate the County's policy for events that perform at the Family Arena. 

The police is there to make sure the Family Arena isn't used by people who advocate hate, violence, sexual depravaty, degredation of religious faith or advocate sexual degredation of women or children. Events can't violate ordinances about public indecency, said St. Charles County Spokesman John Sonderegger. 

County Executive Steve Ehlmann said the County is talking with the franchise but they have not signed a contract. The LFL is expected to book two home games at the arena and also play two away games in 2013. 

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St. Charles Patch Facebook readers weighed in on the news. Some were excited to see the group come to the Family Arena:

Chris Ferguson said, "Whatever puts more ticketed events in the arena can only be a good thing. I see the point on the player insurance though, The Arena should make sure they have no liability if the league does not give their players enough coverage in case of injury."

Kenneth Lee M said, "I might actually watch football."

The uniforms the players wear raised eyebrows for others. 

Jackie Cogle Dalton said, "No! Let's not bring something so degrading to St. Charles. Plus it will attract some low life people to the area."

Amanda Johnson Ramey said, "Personally, I think this is a hot idea. If anything, is raises the bar for woman to be strong and sexy!! and as far as children are concerned, I WOULD take my kids to an LFL game. My son would obviously love the hell out of it, and my daughters could be empowered by events like this!"

What do you think? 

Sally May 22, 2012 at 05:00 PM
This no more empowers women than porn! A woman is empowered by her brain not her body. I would like to see men "empowered" by playing football in their undies. While I Agee that it would be good to bring more ticket sales to the arena let's do it with some respect.
Kevin Lane May 22, 2012 at 05:51 PM
This isn't porn. It's just a stupid idea that sells. A lot of garbage like this sells. BUT, these women are professionals & take this stuff seriously. I'm not sure we should be putting them in categories where they don't belong. That's just as disrespectful as having young ladies play football in their panties. If this is seen as porn or someone finds something offensive about it, then it's that person who houses the dirty mind. These girls aren't having sex, they're playing football. It's stupid but it sells, and for these women, it's a living. I love women in lingerie, I also love football. In a way, this stuff ruins both. If they are going to perform in lingerie, awesome. If they are going to play football, awesome. I'm just not sure I see the advantage of mixing the 2. I would be just as likely, if not more, to go see a women's football game, if they actually wore football gear. There are already places to go to see women in their skivvies.


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