P and Z Approves New Streets of St. Charles Plan

Planning and Zoning Commission approves flexible Streets of St. Charles plan.

The St. Charles Planning and Zoning Commission approved a revised plan for the Streets of St. Charles project.

Cullinan Properties presented the new plan to the commission Monday night.

The original plan called for a set square footage of commercial and residential space within buildings as well as a set story height for each of the buildings.

The revised plan allows developers to build a range of buildings of different stories and sizes to adjust to the changing market. Commercial buildings, for example, may now range from about 560,000 square feet to about 1.4 million square feet instead of a fixed number.

Vice President of Development for Cullinan Properties Robert Wetherald said, with the changing economy, having a more flexible plan made sense.

“The nature of the project is that we’re out marketing and leasing space,” Wetherald said. “We have a vision of what we think the project’s going to look like, but the reality is going to tell us what the building is going to look like. So this range gives us that possibility.”

In the fall of 2009, Cullinan Properties asked for the city to reduce the number and height of residential buildings to accommodate the market. The planning and zoning commission opposed this idea claiming that it did not fit with the high density residential unit they had imagined.

The commission approved the new plan under the condition that Cullinan Properties must also include a range for residential spaces as well. The development will sit on what used to be the Noah’s Ark lot next to the QuikTrip gas station on Veteran’s Memorial Parkway.

Rent To Own Auto Center Permit To Go To City Council

The Planning and Zoning Commission also forwarded a request for a conditional use permit for a Rent To Own Auto Center to the city council.

The auto leasing center would be located in the old CTX Automotive building at 2725 Veterans Memorial Parkway. The center would mostly lease 2009 to 2011 model domestic vehicles.

Mayor-Elect Sally Faith said she believes the auto leasing center not only fills an empty lot in the city, but also fills a need in this economic downturn.

“I am concerned about businesses, buildings not being utilized,” Faith said. “This is a unique business. It is someone who has done business before and so I do not have concerns. And I think the staff has looked at everything and are considering everything. And the point was made by the gentleman that it’s a sign of the times, that people need a place to get their transportation and I think this will provide a service.”

Miniature Pig Ordinance To Be Discussed In July

An ordinance to allow one pot-bellied pig per household in St. Charles was taken off the agenda for Monday night’s Planning and Zoning meeting.

The item was removed because the proposed ordinance actually meant to allow a different miniature pig breed in the city.

In 2008, pot-bellied pig owners Chris and Christina Jones worked with former Ward 10 Councilman Erv Ermeling to try to pass a similar bill for pot-bellied pigs. Many members of the council opposed the bill, but it was never brought up for a vote.

Once the wording has been changed on the recently proposed ordinance, the Planning and Zoning Commission will bring up the issue again in July.

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