Lt. Gov. Kinder Wants to Unite Republicans Statewide by Nov. 6

Dave Spence campaign reconnoiters with Kinder post-win on election night

Missouri's Republican Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder took the nomination for a third term in a close primary race with Republican challenger State Sen. Brad Lager.

Former Wentzville judge and St. Charles resident Mike Carter, 40, came in third.

Kinder, 57, appeared briefly at 11:15pm at the Creve Coeur Drury Inn, saying he was "humbled" and "gratified by the support all over the state."

"I look forward to uniting all parts of the Republican party behind this campaign for the next 91 days," Kinder said, looking ahead to the General Election.

"(We) talked a mainstream conservative message of fighting for conservative issues—especially including my leading the fight on Obamacare, to stand up for the rights of Missourians to direct their own healthcare choices."

Kinder with 44.2 percent, said both Carter (8.2 percent) and Lager (41.6 percent) called to congratulate, and apparently concede the nomination win.

Kinder's campaign spent about $1 million on the primary. He said he was "heavily, heavily outspent" by more than 2-to-1.

Kinder was also dogged last year by evidence of charging generous hotel bills to the state tab, and a personal lifestyle that apparently included an outspoken former "Penthouse Pet" of the month. Kinder is single.

"I've tried to give Missourians good value for lieutenant governor," he said, highlighting his eight years in office. "I can't say I'll change my spots much."

The office pays $86,000 a year, and is the lowest paid of statewide elected office. Some previous officeholders have considered it a part-time job.

Kinder will face Democrat and former state auditor Susan Montee in the November 6 election. Montee won by a huge margin of 131,115 votes from a field of eight contenders. She won 44 percent of the vote. The next closest rival, Judy Baker, had 15 percent of the vote. 

Kinder described Montee as a "formidable" candidate.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Dave Spence's campaign paid a visit to Kinder on election night at the Drury Inn.

Earlier, Kinder was said to be sequestered in a fifth-floor room of the hotel, and campaign staff was in separate quarters on the ground floor, watching returns.

Kinder thanked his campaign staff about 11pm, before he went public with his victory speech. Some 99 percent of the precincts were tallied when Kinder claimed the win. 

The Associated Press declared Kinder the winner at 11pm Central time.

All results are unofficial until the Secretary of State declares them otherwise.

Tom Maher August 08, 2012 at 08:10 PM
So - where was his victory party held - down at an "adult lounge?"


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