Fireworks Limited to One Day for Riverfest 4th of July Event in St. Charles

St. Charles will evaluate the format of Riverfest before the 2013 event.

St. Charles will offer just one day of fireworks as part of the annual Riverfest events for the next few years. 

The city council briefly considered extending the fireworks display to two days in 2013, 2014 and 2015, but backed away from that plan due to costs, City Administrator Michael Spurgeon said. 

At the Feb. 5 meeting, the city council will consider a $140,000 contract with Melrose Pyrotechnics to provide the three fireworks shows. Six shows would have cost the city $210,850 from Melrose Pyrotechnics. 

Spurgeon said the city's Tourism Department will spend some time reevaluating Riverfest and try to maximize the events and offerings at the times most people attend: shortly after the parade and in the evenings, when live music is available. 

"People come to the parade, then with such intense heat, people go to wherever it's cool or they can get wet. Then they start congregating when the music starts back up," he said. 

Spurgeon said the city will look at the entire festival and get community and business owner feedback to see if there are other opportunities for the fair.

Last year, St. Charles was one of just a few cities to offer a fireworks display. Many municipalities canceled their events due to drought and high heat. 

In 2011 and 2012, the city scaled back Riverfest to offer just one day of fireworks. Residents who attended the event said they understood the need for cutbacks, but some missed the flexibility that two days offers. 


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