UPDATE: City Council Approves Tougher Parade Drinking Restrictions

An ordinance sponsored by Ald. Matt O'Shea to increase restrictions on public drinking during parades, including the North Side's Pride Parade, was passed by the City Council.

It's now official. 

City officials have given the go-ahead to an ordinance that imposes harsher punishments and tighter restrictions on drinking and intoxication during parades. 

"I believe this ordinance will make parades in our great city safer," O'Shea said before the ordinance was unanimously approved Wednesday afternoon.

The ordinance passed committee last week.

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"It helps us work within our security plan and with the Chicago Police Department so that many of the old behaviors don't come back," Joe Connelly, co-chair of the South Side Irish Parade committee, said last week. "There is really no room for open alcohol and this ordinance just further reinforces that."

But Lake View Ald. Tom Tunney (44th) says he's less concerned about the harsher fines and more concerned with how many officers are on the streets. With the gay pride parade drawing an enormous crowd, Tunney says he thinks police presence may be more important.

“What I’m concerned about, fine or not, who’s managing the parade for the overall quality of life,” Tunny said. “Whether you arrest someone or write them a ticket, it takes (an officer) off the streets. I think we’ve had a pretty good relationship with or police department on how to manage the parade. … We’ll see what the reaction is on the South Side. I think there will be an emphasis on the gay pride parade.”

The ordinance increases the punishment of those found in violation within 200 feet of a parade route. It will apply to all parades within the city. 

  • Drinking on the public way increases from a minimum of $100 and maximum of $500, to a minimum of $500 and maximum of $1,000.
  • Intoxication by a minor rises from $25 for the first violation and $100 for subsequent violations to $500 or 25 hours of community service.
  • Public urination or defecation will increase from a minimum of $100 and maximum of $500, to $500 and $1,000 respectively.

Editor's Note: This article was updated with comments from Ald. Tom Tunney.

The Truth February 15, 2013 at 02:53 AM
Again, the pic speaks volumes.
TheDoctor1963 February 15, 2013 at 03:25 PM
Speaking of that pic. Not that I'm into skin-art, but is that something he really wants to look at when he's 80? :)
The Truth February 15, 2013 at 04:32 PM
Well the "rich GWM" that they're after like white-on-rice sure don't find it attractive. Can't hold back on that one. Oh Lord, the one that asked me where Nookies was while walking down Halsted. I really though all he wanted was directions. Silly me.
gerald spencer February 16, 2013 at 04:23 PM
There are "livery" companies that have buses (aka trolleys) of "woohoo girls" nightly traveling the city streets, sloshed and getting sloshed, screaming on top of their lungs. These are rolling bars, what ever happened to rules of the road and open alcohol? These buses travel up and down residential streets, stop at different hotels and bars, continuing this questionable activity. How are they okay and, somehow, parades are not? At least the hour(s) of the day is reasonable and it isn't happening at midnight on a residential street. Hotels that serve liquor have actively drinking patrons out on the street at all hours of the night, carousing, they don't care, they "paid for it and taxes paid to the ward offices says it is okay." How is the night time boozing in public okay but the day time not? It makes NO sense.
gerald spencer February 16, 2013 at 04:26 PM
Those will be vague skin blotches long before he is 80. Think, though, how many people who have noticeable skin art are really "cutters." They just move "cutting" over in to sadomasochism. Do you think many "cutters" live to be 80?


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