St. Charles Prostitution Sting Lands Woman in Jail

A St. Charles County Sheriff's deputy said the woman advertised sex for hire online. The woman said she would continue in prostitution after being released from jail.

A Washington, MO woman who advertised online faces a prostitution charge in St. Charles.

Danielle Stiffler, 24, of Washington, MO, was charged Thursday in St. Charles County Circuit Court with prostitution, a class B misdemeanor.

According to the report, a St. Charles County Sheriff’s deputy, acting covertly, responded to an online ad and arranged to meet the woman at the Red Roof Inn in St. Charles for sex in exchange for $150. When the woman met the deputy in the room, she again asked for cash in exchange for sex, according to the deputy’s report.

Stiffler was being held in St. Charles County jail on Friday. Bail was set at $20,000. According to the police report, the woman said she would continue in prostitution after being released from jail.

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Norma Jean Almodovar January 08, 2013 at 05:28 PM
If she is neither underage or a victim of sex trafficking, why arrest her? So you can show an increase in the number of cases closed by arrest? If prostitutes are 'victims' then why victimize her further by making her unemployable? If she is an adult, why is she not permitted to make choices for herself that others may find morally offensive? Either it is her body and her choice, as feminists so often tell us, or someone believes that women's bodies ought to be regulated by cops...
Sscott January 09, 2013 at 02:45 AM
doesnt help business with face plasted all cross news. she can find EMPLOYMENT that would give her some respect for her self.
Norma Jean Almodovar January 09, 2013 at 04:15 AM
What makes you think that women who provide pleasure to others for a nice high fee don't already have plenty of self respect? As a retired sex worker, no one ever accused me of having LOW self- respect. Sex work was the best job I ever had... however, when I worked for the LAPD prior to becoming a call girl, THAT'S when I had no self respect- working for the blue mafia tends to diminish one's respect for one's self AND one's colleagues who commit more crimes than those whom they arrest. I left working for the bad guys to pursue a much more honest profession. Once a sex worker has been arrested and branded a 'ho, people like you tend to treat us with no respect, because people like you tend to be very, um, ignorant of what sex work is and who we are as sex workers. There are many, many people out there who do not have anyone with whom to be intimate- people who are widowed, divorced, disabled, socially inept- and sex workers provide a valuable service to them. Scientists say that having a good sex life as we age prolongs life- it reduces stress and is good for us in so many ways. Why should some people have to do without physical intimacy because people like YOU have a problem with YOUR sexuality? Knowing that we provide such a good service to others is very emotionally rewarding. And if you say something moronic like why do we charge for it, why do artists charge for their artwork? Do you work for free? Is it wrong to enjoy your work and get paid well for it?
DB Cooper January 09, 2013 at 05:11 AM
Check it out anyone with experience with prostitution cases can tell u two things. First, they are typically drug slaves to heroin, and function only to get heroin. The acts they perform are not what is typically sex. It involves anything from defication and high risk sex I.e. bareback to under age poor from st. Louis city. There lives are a mix of getting high, being robbed and overdosing. Some prostitutes unfortunately have more than one abortion due to the industry and heroin. Second, virtually every prostitute is working with some one typically a male.driver. That person is not a helper but an enabler. A common crime committed by the driver in conjunction with the prostitute is robbery. Typically the prostitute begins sex and during the driver enters and steals from the john. The crime then isn't reported. Because the john fears law enforcement, what's he going to report his hooker robbed him? You might want to believe their lifestyle is normal and their choice but its not. Prostitues are hurtful to themselves at a minimum and cannot help themselves. The male in their life keeps them there. Is law enforcement supposed to ignore thee problem. Further, a few arrests keep them out of the county. If you don't believe me head to backpage, often u can see the heroin abscesses or track marks in the pictures. That is if they don't hide their arms in some way. Would u want people like that affecting your community. Stop making this terrible tragedy sound rosey.
Norma Jean Almodovar January 09, 2013 at 04:34 PM
You sure don't know nuttin', Mr. DB Cooper. While there are of course sex workers who use drugs, the majority of us do not, anymore than the majority of people in show business, sports or other professions where people earn a higher than average income do drugs. As for stealing from clients, that is called being a thief, not a prostitute, and anyone who poses as a prostitute in order to steal from someone ought to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. In what way is providing pleasure 'hurtful' to ourselves and what do you mean we 'cannot help' ourselves? Every point you make is more of a reason to decriminalize consenting adult commercial sex so that those who behave as you claim can be given help with the resources NOT spent on pursuing the rest of us sex workers who do not behave that way. Actually, our 'lifestyle' is normal, if we don't work on the street- and the majority of us do not work on the street. As for having a driver- you are aware, aren't you, that many people have drivers, including athletes, movie and television stars and others. I know a very wealthy woman in NY who always had a town car with a driver to take her places. Is that a reason to prohibit prostitution because we might have a driver? If a driver and the person posing as a prostitute are both thieves, send them to prison for a long time. If the majority of prostitutes engaged in stealing, the profession would have disappeared millennium ago. You just hire the wrong 'hos, DB.
jade lenze January 10, 2013 at 04:09 PM
Miss Almodovar, look at this like this... A key that can open many locks is called a master key. However, a lock that may be opened by many keys is just a worn-out, shitty lock. Also, what about young women? do you really want your children or grandchildren to have sex for aliving and to succom to such self esteem issues because maybe shes not pretty enough to do the job, ect.? I see that the sex industry CAN be a very successful one, IF managed properly.
jade lenze January 10, 2013 at 04:13 PM
I dont really support it, but im not against it.
Norma Jean Almodovar January 10, 2013 at 10:25 PM
Jade, how many sex workers do you actually know? Do you even know HOW we work? Your analogy shows a complete ignorance of our profession. As for young women, it is already illegal for adults to have sex with minors- it is called 'statutory rape' and that is the law that should be applied when any adults have sex with 'young women' or 'young men' under the age of consent. I don't have children- but I have plenty of nieces and nephews- and quite honestly, I would rather they engage in sex work (if it were legal) than clean toilets /scrub floors and scrape off the caked on urine, feces and vomit of strangers in a sleazy motel. What about young men who want to be athletes, but don't have the physique to be one? What about THEIR self- esteem issues? Or the self- esteem issues of young women who aren't pretty enough to be Miss USA/ etc.? And besides, there are many sex workers who are in their 60s- and aren't 'pretty' any longer- they have no issues with low self- esteem. You don't have to be 'pretty' to provide intimate companionship for those who have no intimate partners. One more thing, I am fairly certain I know what a master key is- my IQ score is above 160... although at age 61, it may have slipped a bit as age does that.
Norma Jean Almodovar January 10, 2013 at 10:29 PM
Jade, much of our work has nothing to do with intercourse- so there is no wearing out of the lock... but then you also have to remember that if a woman wants to have sex with 10,000 men and DOES NOT CHARGE, she is not an outlaw and neither is he. Perhaps HER lock might wear out before the lock of a sex worker :-)
jade lenze January 11, 2013 at 01:55 AM
ohhh so more like an escort type of thing? theres nothing wrong with that. and you do make a very valid point. :)
Norma Jean Almodovar January 11, 2013 at 03:07 AM
Sex workers do their jobs in so many ways- escorting, working in a massage parlor (happy endings- NO intercourse), working as a call girl (as I did- which is the safest by far way to work)... working in a brothel, etc. Street workers are of course the most visible and even those workers don't have a lot of intercourse because it is not easy to do in a car. People don't think about it, but if all a man wants or needs is to 'get off' he doesn't need to pay to get that. More clients are interested in someone to hold/hug them, to listen to them (that is a very important part of our work) and to give them 100% of our undivided attention. It really isn't about sex, although of course, that's what the client wants to know he can have if he wants it. There is an excellent documentary about one of my colleagues who works only with the disabled. The film is called "The Scarlet Road" and you can see a trailer of the film on the website (do a search of that term). Rachel works in Australia where sex work is legal, so when the families of her clients contact her, she does NOT face being set up or arrested as we would here in the US. I had a client once who was in the hospital, dying of cancer. His wife called the madam I worked for and sent me to see him. He only wanted to have someone to be in lingerie and be 'sexy' for him. He was not able to have any type of sex. His wife could not handle him dying but she wanted to make his life comfortable at the end.
Norma Jean Almodovar January 11, 2013 at 03:12 AM
Please do not misunderstand my comments. I am in NO WAY encouraging anyone to engage in sex work. It is my job as a sex worker activist to educate the public about who we are and what our work is. I have been an activist for 30 years ever since I left my horrible job with the LAPD (very corrupt there). Not many sex workers can be 'out' as I am. It is much like the situation was for gays and lesbians 20 years ago. It was still a crime in many places to engage in 'homosexual behavior' and people went to prison for doing so. It is my goal to make a difference so that someday, sex workers will not get arrested and have their lives destroyed by people who want to 'rescue' them - with the same idiotic misconceptions that D.B. Cooper has. Meanwhile, cops often use the prostitution laws to rape and extort sex workers for sexual favors. Unfortunately they don't go to prison very often for raping us. I want to change that too.
Terry Cooper January 12, 2013 at 11:01 PM
Was the undercover officer also arrested for soliciting a prostitute? If a cop has to break the law to enforce the law they are no better than the people they bust.
Some person January 15, 2013 at 06:13 PM
Wrong, officers are not to go through with the act. They are to cut off the top dog, in this case a prostitute, to not let the little person (her customers) carry on with illegal activity. Same for undercover drug busts.


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