Of Mice and Men and Whizzinators: Weirdest Crime of 2012 in St. Charles

Patch brings you the most random crimes and the dumbest criminals in St. Charles in the past year.

From using a fake penis to get out of a drug test to stealing medical mice, criminals in St. Charles got caught in weird, funny situations. 

This man tried to pass his drug test with the help of a device, but it didn't fool the parole officer who was watching. 

A Wentzville man made off with more than 800 razor blades from Walmart.  

 A medical transport van with mice was left running in a hotel parking lot and two people saw an opportunity. 

Police: Man Stole Sex Toy After Complaining of Adult Video's Quality 

 A Vinita Park man, unhappy with his video rental, took a $75 sex toy after clerks wouldn't give him a refund. 

Whoops: Man Charged with Stealing Bike Left Wallet Behind

 A man dropped his wallet while stealing a bike, then tried to give police another name. 

Three times, a landlord picked a fight with a tenant, got them evicted by police and kept the deposit money. 

This man broke into an office, stole a beverage, then fell asleep. 

Police Reports: Driver Arrested for DWI After Parking Car on Train Tracks 

Man crashed car near train tracks

Police Reports: An 86-year-old Woman Robbed; Deer Head Left on Driveway 

A severed deer head was left on a man's driveway in St. Charles. 

A St. Charles man called in a prescription for Tylenol with codeine. 

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