St. Charles West Student Charged with Using Brass Knuckles in Assault

Student posted on Facebook page that he would "use the brass to take care of business."

A student used brass knuckles to beat another student in a rest room at the school on Feb. 13, according to a St. Charles Police report.

The student, Michael Guarino, 17, of St. Charles, is being charged with second-degree assault.

Guarino lured the student into the bathroom, intent on fighting him because his girlfriend had allegedly been unfaithful to him with the victim in the past, according to police. Guarino posted on his Facebook page on Feb 12 that he would “use the brass on someone to take care of business,” the report reads.

The victim told Guarino several times he did not want to fight and attempted to leave, but Guarino blocked him. He hit him in the face several times with the brass knuckles and threw them into the trash can in the rest room, according to the report.

Guarino admitted to police and made a written statement that he assaulted the student with brass knuckles, according to the police report.


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