St. Charles Police Reports: Person Arrested for Marijuana After Traffic Stop

Also in the St. Charles crime reports, $35 worth of unleaded fuel stolen from a gas station.

St. Charles Police Department provides police reports from Jan. 26 and Jan. 27, 2013. A charge does not indicate a conviction. 

• Case No. 13000737: Stealing, $35 worth of unleaded fuel was stolen from a gas station at S 5th Street. 

• Case No. 13000739: Stealing, the victim's credit card was stolen from her vehicle while she attended a wedding reception at The Heart of St. Charles.

• Case No. 13000750: Possession of a controlled substance. Vehicle observed doing a u-turn on North Main Street during bar closing, narrowly avoiding striking numerous pedestrians. A traffic stop/investigation revealed driver in possession of marijuana and paraphernalia.

• Case No. 13000755: Stealing, a wallet and its contents were taken from a motel room by known suspect in the 1700 block of Veterans Memorial Parkway.

• Case No. 13000756: Stealing from an unlocked vehicle 200 block of Pinedale. Among the items taken were: a Missouri State Child Support Card a Target gift card, a Walmart gift card and a Macy's gift card. 

• Case No. 13000759: Property damage. An unknown subject/s caused extensive damage to the grass at Bales Park and to a large grassy area just north of the Dog Park.

• Case No. 13000761: Property damage. Unknown subject/s destroyed the universal restroom signs at Kiwanis Park by unknow means.

• Case No. 13000765: The subject was arrested for Burglary Second, Resisting Arrest, Minor in Possession of Alcohol andPossession of Drug Paraphernalia. 


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