St. Charles Police Reports: Lexus, Credit Card Stolen After Garage Door Open Left in Unlocked Car

Also in the St. Charles crime log, two GPS units were taken from an unlocked car.

St. Charles Police Department provides police reports from Jan. 27 to Jan. 29, 2013. A charge does not indicate a conviction. 

• Case No. 13000775: Stealing from a motor vehicle at Greendale Drive. A $140 GPS was stolen from a vehicle. Suspects were identified and the GPS was located. 

• Case No. 13000776: Trespassing at N 2nd Street. A subject arrested for trespassing after he was found sleeping in a laundry room.

• Case No. 13000781: Violation Controlled Substance Law, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, at Ameristar Blvd. Two subjects arrested for drug violations.

• Case No. 13000785: Stealing, Theft From Motor Vehicle, at Cedarbrook Drive. Windshield and side window stolen off of a Bobcat frontloader from Cedarbrook Drive. Police estimate the value of the items at $1,700.

• Case No. 13000786: Stealing, Shoplifting, at Zumbehl Road. An ice compress, a four-pack of Energizer batteries and more batteries were stolen. The estimated loss is $111. This is an ongoing investigation. 

• Case No. 13000787: Stealing, Shoplifting, at Zumbehl Road. Police said $344 worth of various razor blades and other shaving parphernalia were shoplifted. 

• Case No. 13000794: Stealing at Jefferson Street. Victim had two pairs of headphones, valued at $30, stolen from him while staying at the facility. No suspect.

• Case No. 13000796: Stealing, Theft From Motor Vehicle, at Greendale Court. Subjects entered an unlocked vehicle and stole multiple items. Items recovered the same day inan unrelated burglary. Among the items taken: two GPS units, a tote bag and other trinkets. The total value of the items was $610. 

• Case No. 13000812: Burglary at Delacroix Place. Overnight residential burglary. The offender entered residence through the garage by utilizing the victim's garage door opener left in her vehicle (Lexus) parked in her driveway. The offender stole the Lexus keys from the kitchen table, a Martin guitar from the living room, the victim's drivers license and her Bank of America card from the kitchen table. Offender then stole her vehicle, the Lexus. 


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