St. Charles Municipal Court Statistics for April 2012

More than $90,000 was collected in fines and court fees in April.

collected $93,810 fines, fees, bond forfeitures, parking tickets in April 2012. 

Court costs accounted for $7,536 of the money collected. About $4,477 went toward the Crime Victims Fund. More than $3,124 came from parking tickets.

More than 263 criminal summons, 473 traffic summons and 348 parking tickets were isssued. Below, find a list of the most common summons issued in April. 

Municipal court cases involve alleged violations of city ordinances. Municipal court is held at St. Charles Criminal Justice Center, at 1781 Zumbehl Road. 

St. Charles Municipal Court Summons Failure to appear 191 Failure to maintain financial responsibility for vehicle 119 Expired license plate 86 Speeding 56 Parking summons 48 Stealing under $500 45 Driving while suspended 28 Failure to register vehicle 27 Possessing controlled substance paraphernalia 22 Peace disturbance 21 Driving while intoxicated 21 Stop sign violation 20 Driving while revoked 18 Parking overtime 17 Trespassing 17 Possessing controlled substance 11 Possessing controlled substance, under 21 Years Old 10 Housing code volation, disrepair 9 Destroying private property 9 Affray (public fight) 9 Parking in a fire lane 9 No animal vaccination 9 Parking in a handicapped zone 8 Resisting arrest 8 Careless and imprudent driving 8 Improper lane use 8 Leaving scene of accident 8 Interference with an officer 7 Assaulting police officer 6

See the full list here. 


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