St. Charles Man Fleeing Police Sped Through Traffic on Kirkwood Road

Two off-duty officers and a pursuing squad car were able to stop the man, who police said tried to steal a TV from Walmart.

A St. Charles man fleeing police wove in and out of traffic on Kirkwood Road Oct. 14 before being hemmed in by two off-duty officers and a pursuing squad car, according to a police report.

Kirkwood Police said Lance Ericson, 43, of the 1700 block of Lynncove in St. Charles, was spotted in the Kirkwood Walmart, 1202 South Kirkwood Road, removing security sensors from a 42-inch, Vizio flat-screen TV. He put the TV in a shopping cart and wheeled it outside without paying for it, police said.

When security guards approached, he left the TV in the cart, got in a nearby car and drove off. He eluded Kirkwood Police on the parking lot by stopping suddenly and changing directions several times.

Police said Ericson drove onto Kirkwood Road, where he weaved in and out of traffic before he was boxed in by the pursuing police car and two off-duty police officers.

Police said he also had a bottle of vodka stolen from Walmart in the car. The TV was valued at $598.

Ericson was charged Oct. 15 with resisting arrest—creating substantial risk of injury or death, and felony stealing.

Bail was set at $30,000.

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