Police Say New 'N-Bomb' Drug is a Dangerous Addition to St. Louis Area

The St. Louis County Police sent out a warning about the deadly hallucinogen after a West County parent said she believes her daughter may have been slipped N-Bomb at a New Year's Eve party and nearly overdosed.

St. Louis County Police are warning parents and teens about a new sythentic drug called "N-Bomb" that is already responsible for deaths in several states. 

The name stems from its chemical composition, 2C-I-NBOMe or 25INBOMe, and police say it is a powerful hallucinogen that is a more potent and deadly derivative of mescaline. It has been reportedly responsible for fatal overdoses in California, North Dakota, Minnesota, Lousiana and Virginia. 

St. Louis County Police said the substance has been purchased undercover in the metro area by drug detectives. Chief Tim Fitch said it's important for the public to be aware about the dangerous nature of this relatively new drug. 

Effects of the drug are similar to LSD and include hallucinations, impairment of perception to sound and depth, and uncontrollable body movements.

The statement from law enforcement was partly in response to a Chesterfield mother who said she believes her teenage daughter was offered N-Bomb at a New Year's Eve Party in Wildwood and nearly overdosed as a result. 

Sgt. Mark Whitson with the St. Louis County's Bureau of Drug Enforcement said his agency and its local and federal counterparts are working together to discover what they can about N-Bomb, but said it's relatively new to the area. 

It first surfaced in online references in 2010 and various state crime labs only started getting a hold of the substance in 2012. Several news reports linking deaths to N-Bomb have also appeared in the last few years. 

Whitson wouldn't confirm if the agency has any active investigations, but said county police and other law enforcement organisations will continue to share resources as they develop an approach on how to combat the synthetic substance. 

In the Chesterfield area, Capt. Steven Lewis with the Chesterfield Police Department said they have not dealt with any cases involving N-Bomb yet. He added that to his knowledge, drug cases are down overall. 

To combat illegal drug use, Lewis said the department employs various drug education/prevention programs along with two officers assigned to undercover narcotics investigations, as well as patrol officers and their normal response to drug investigations.

Rebe January 09, 2013 at 01:32 PM
Parents, Mountain Dew and Everclear is not a responsible choice to be serving in your home! The effect of othe sugar and caffeine with the high alchohol content is enough to damage your child's organs. The synthetic drugs are horrible but the alchoholic drink mixes are horrible as well. Don't we have consequences in Wildwood and Chesterfield for serving alchohol to minors!? Please do not condone if not encourage underage drinking!!!!! drinking. How can we be certain it is the fault of an unknown person?
Bridget mitra January 09, 2013 at 02:20 PM
Parents need to open their eyes and remember that you are parents first, not friends of your teen! Too often parents trust and close their eyes to suspicious behavior, the family that hosted the party should have consequences for alcohol being served to minors. The n bomb info is new to me, I will be sharing this dangerous info with my teen.
AC January 09, 2013 at 09:42 PM
Scary stuff. Thanks for the heads up.
Terry Cooper January 13, 2013 at 06:17 AM
If you have 15 year kids drinking Everclear and that is acceptable you have much bigger problems than this NBomb stuff. I'd say both the parents of the teen girl and the parents allowing the kids to drink alcohol for starters.


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