Police: Man Stole Sex Toy After Complaining of Adult Video's Quality

Police said the man demanded money back for a movie, and walked out of adult video store with merchandise after being rebuffed.

A St. Louis County man was charged Friday with stealing a sex toy from a St. Charles adult video and novelty store.

Thomas Charboneau, 56, of Vinita Park, is charged with stealing and third-degree assault.

said in a report that Charboneau paid $6 to watch a movie at , 2330 Highway 94 South Outer Road. He complained about the movie’s quality and asked for his money back. When the store clerk refused, Charboneau reached across the counter and took the sex toy, valued at $75, and said, “I’ll take this in lieu of my $6,” according to the report.

Police said the clerk told him he couldn’t do that and stepped between Charboneau and the exit, at which point Charboneau pushed and tried to punch the clerk. The sales clerk sprayed Charboneau twice in the face with a can of mace. Charboneau pushed him into a display case, picked up the sex toy and left the business.

The victim wrote down Charboneau's license plate number, vehicle and description.

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