Man Keeps Violating Protection Order, Police Say

St. Charles Police said the man uprooted a tree and damaged a railing at the home of a woman who is under the protective order.

A man uprooted a tree and damaged a porch railing Nov. 24 while violating a protection order that bans him from a home in the 500 block of Crown Passage Drive, St. Charles Police said.

David Lee Shrum, 53, of the first block of Wilbert Drive in St. Charles County north of St. Peters, was charged Monday with violating a protection order.

St. Charles Police reported that Shrum damaged the railing and uprooted a tree in a backyard in the 500 block of Crown Passage in St. Charles. Police said he knew was important to the woman who lived there.

Officers said Shrum has continually violated the protection order issued against him and said he has no intent of stopping the behavior. Police said he insists the victim violates the order, not him.

Shrum posted a $20,000 bond on Monday and was released from St. Charles County jail.

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Sscott December 06, 2012 at 08:45 PM
Hes states hes not stopping,and they find him at her home doing the damage but shes the ones doing it.makes sense to me time to lock him up
youhavegotta b. kiddin February 03, 2013 at 06:15 AM
They didn't catch him at her home and they do not have concrete proof that he was the one doing the damage. She is a vindictive liar who has an enormous spending habit and needs his money to keep it up. Her business is failing and she needs his money in the divorce. When the divorce finally comes to an end, her bank records will tell a different story than what is being reported...


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