Man Charged with Making Meth in His Mother's Basement

St. Charles man also had methamphetamine in his pocket when arrested, detectives said.

A St. Charles man was charged Wednesday, May 2 in with making and possession of methamphetamine.

Detectives with the St. Charles County Regional Drug Task Force said in a report Dennis Scannell, 38, made meth in his mother’s basement in the 900 block of Indian Hills Drive.

During search of his mother’s home Jan. 26, detectives found fuel, acetone, lye, alcohol, empty pseudoephedrine packages and improvised equipment in the basement where Scannell stayed.

Residents told police they smelled a strong chemical odor coming from the basement while Scannell was downstairs. Scannell told them he poured drain cleaner down a drain.

When Scannell was arrested March 27 in the 1700 block of South River Road, Scannell had meth in his pocket, a detective said in the report.

Scannell has 14 felony convictions that include distributing or manufacturing drugs illegally, trafficking in drugs, burglary, stealing and possessing drugs.

MuzzledRooster May 08, 2012 at 06:29 PM
If one of my adult children had 14 felony convictions...for anything, never mind drugs...you can bet they wouldn't living in my home. What were you thinking, mom?


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