No Dice: Man Charged $67,000 to Fake Credit Cards at Casinos

After making 16 transactions at Ameristar Casino, Norimasa Saito was arrested after returning on April 4, according to a state Highway Patrol report.

A Japanese man is accused of charging $27,000 to fraudulent credit cards at in St. Charles. He charged $67,000 in total to the cards in St. Louis area casinos from May 31 through April 3.

A Royal Bank of Canada agent supplied the Missouri State Highway Patrol with eight transactions in St. Charles not approved by their customers, including some transactions at Ameristar.

When the man making the transactions, Norimasa Saito, 42, of Osaka, Japan returned to Ameristar on April 4, he was detained for questioning, according to a Highway Patrol report.

In total, Saito made 16 transactions at Ameristar, the Highway Patrol report states. All were caught on videotape.

Other transactions were made at Lumiere Casino for $23,500 and River City Casino for $16,500.

Saito told the Highway Patrolman that an unknown Chinese man at Kansas City International Airport gave him two credit cards with his name on them, the report states. He said he recently was given four new credit cards.

The state trooper seized the credit cards and reported they were noticeably altered or fake.


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