Man Uses Phony Penis to Provide Faked Urine Sample

A Lake Saint Louis man is charged with using a "Whizzinator" to submit a sample during a drug test.

A Lake Saint Louis man is charged with using a prosthetic penis to submit a urine sample to the Missouri Probation and Parole office in St. Charles on March 20.

A parole officer said he saw Sydney Levin, 34, using a Whizzinator, a fake penis device, to submit a fake urine sample during drug testing at the Probation and Parole office at 211 Compass Point Drive, according to a court document.

Levin, of the first block of Dauphine Way in Lake Saint Louis, was charged Thursday with possessing a forging instrument.

He previously pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled substance and felony stealing in 2009.

Levin posted a $25,000 bond Friday and was released from St. Charles County jail.

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