Congress compared to the Roman Senate

Which is worse the U.S. Congress or the Roman Senate.

Current congress is like the Roman Senate that wiped out the Roman Empire.  How is this so?

Here is the Roman Empire Senate                                                                                                

1. Intermarriage with each other.

2. Inter family marriage.

3. Only concerned with making money for self.

4. Laws were not passed in a timely manner.

5. Laws did not apply to the Senate only to the Citizens.

6. Once Elected you can stay for life, or until assassinated.

U.S. Congress

1. Once elected you have a job for life. Either as a Senator or Representative.

2. Laws do not apply to Congress.

3. Members of Congress are married to Big Business.  You almost need a corporate logo shirt just to know who is voting for whom.  Haliburton, Ford, Chrysler, GM, GE, Rolls Royce etc...

4. Only concerned with making money for self.  Look closely at the Fiscal Cliff bill just signed into law.  You will find money being spent on pet projects.

5. Laws are not passed in a timely manner.  In fact we have no budget for the last 2 Fiscal years.

6.  Most of the moneyed families who make up congress are married with in the last 2 generations of each other.  Look at the Kennedy's how many families are they related to?

If this does not sound like the Roman Senate then you are looking at the wrong time frame.  Within the last 2 years of recent memory our Congress has passed no laws regulating spending or dealing with any crisis unless they can kick the can down the road to the next session of Congress.  The only reason Congress of the last session dealt with the Fiscal Cliff was so that they could all go home for the holidays and say they did something.

Has our Congress gotten out of control? 

You answer that one for yourself.  All Responses will be answered.

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Rich Pope January 19, 2013 at 03:38 PM
Very good points. Is there a place on earth where it isn't like this? If so, I'd like to visit.
Philip February 24, 2013 at 01:08 PM
Rich, Not that I am aware of.


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