St. Charles dropped the ball

The Gypsy Caravan was eagerly awaited, people lined up in cars moving so slowly down Riverside, time passed, and when they got within spitting distance the road was closed, one police officer sending people back the opposite direction, we went elsewhere. Someone dropped the ball, no police directing traffic, no signs telling you what was going on, only two shuttles from the Convention Center, which I had never even heard about, until at lunch today heard a lady saying she had to wait over an hour for a shuttle bus and there were only two of them, small ones at that. Shame on us for not doing a better job handling such a money making venue for St. Charles.
Susan Stewart June 05, 2014 at 12:31 PM
Well, with this information, lets get it right next time! Experience is the best teacher. Is there a committee studying this issue? Is there a forum where we can consolidate our thoughts and ideas? Who is in charge?


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