Can You Support Ameren's 14.6 Percent Rate Hike?

Missourians want reliable service. Do you believe the requested rate increase will get us what we want?

Public hearings , with more to come, by the Missouri Public Service Commission on the question of a 14.6 percent rate increase that Ameren Missouri has requested.

Patch reported a statement by Ameren Missouri's CEO, Warner Baxter, noting that "our customers have consistently told us that reliability is their highest priority and that they also want cleaner air."

He said investments in the company's infrastructure have yielded those results.

But the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported from a hearing on Thursday that residents aren't so sure they can swallow another increase by the region's dominent electric utility.

The Post-Dispatch reported: "If there was a common thread among the dozens of speakers, it was this: Budgets of ordinary Missourians can’t bend any further. Not after electric rate increases totaling 30 percent since 2006. 'There’s no way that we can keep up with the requests that have been made (by Ameren) over the last four or five years,' said Susan Turk of St. Louis."

More public hearings are scheduled around the state (see the attached PDF for a schedule). 

The utility wants the increase for $700 million in poles, wires and additional infrastructure improvements it says will boost reliability. The public service commission's staff recommended a $210 million increase.

Do you think Ameren should get the increase it sought? Can you make some room in your budget for this increase?

William Braudis August 21, 2012 at 04:46 AM
Well golly gee stacey I believe that you got it just a tad incorrect, namely, you are not to speak about your wages and/or take home pay and never argue Religion. You may speak to the subject of why you are a democrat, why you like Toyotas over Fords and just about any subject your heart desires. I am a Republican, living on a Fix Income in the twilight of my life ( yes I know what wars are all about beginning with WW 2 and yes I served in active duty.) ' Only one not angry at Rate increase's ' well let me say this, anger and crying does not solve a thing. You said that I look bad and you indeed hit that one squarely on the head, I never looked good in my life time but I am extremely HAPPY, thanks for asking. Now one more bit of wisdom. Utility Companies and PSC. A utility company would like a dollar increase in their Rates. They go to the PSC and ask for a two dollar and to satisfy the consumer the PSC gives the Utility $ 1.50. This is called win - win - win., and everyone goes home happy.
stacey August 21, 2012 at 08:58 PM
Well, GOLLY GEE sir, I wasn't aware that I needed to be correct or think like you do! I thought the PATCH (aka the site your on) was a place where people within communities could become informed, and in this section (opinion section) give their OPINION. Their were other people who left comments similiar to mine, and NO ONE has been CRYING, or showing irrational ANGER. Are we on the same article? Website? How can my words of my upbringing be WRONG? Because they aren't yours? I've been taught some of what you mentioned, but was only speaking of political parties because you were the FIRST one to bring that up! This isn't about politics, religion, wages, or CARS this is about whats FAIR, and everyone becoming informed on this 1 issue! I'd rather not take "your so called wisdom", but appreciate the offer. In actuality with this increase each household will be paying 14$ more each month and this is their 2nd increase in the last year alone. I believe many people, including myself would feel better about it, if they would actually say, in detail, what the increase is needed for. I'm also a very happy women sir, and extremely happy to use my right to voice my views FREELY. Thanks for your service in WW 2, I wasn't alive then, but BOTH my grandfather's were also active duty, and will always be my hero's. Bottom line, rich or poor, we ALL deserve to know where OUR money goes!
Terri August 28, 2012 at 01:53 PM
I'm in florrissant my bill was $320; I thought we did something different this year. When I looked at my usage, it actually went down. I purchased a high efficiency unit in dec. I wonder what it would have been with the old unit....man!
PaulRevere August 28, 2012 at 04:41 PM
Hey People. I agree with all these comments. At least your bills only go up when "YOU use more electricity" I just wonder how many of you would want the Government to run the utility and raise your Real Estate tax & automobile taxes to pay for your heating/cooling. Yep! Keep screaming, because the Federal Govt will come and save us from those "mean" utilities. Just like they saved us from those "mean" insurance companies. Did anyone ever hear of the "affordable Care ACT"? Saved we were --Result, the Largest Tax increases in History on every American and business. Cost ? at least $2,000 per year for everyone. It all starts in yr2014(credit Claire McCaskil for that) I see the Government coming in to takeover our Utility lives SOON!!!!!!! YOU ALL WILL NOT LIKE THE RESULT. So , I suggest you scream and Holler the next time your Government run Public school system asks for that $100 to $200 Real estate and Auto Pers Prop Tax increase to give teacher Raises while your Family gets pay decreases and layoffs. Many of you will see a slight increase in your home values. Guess what--You will all have to pay higher Real Estate School taxes, just becuase your home goes up in value. Is that a fair system? Ameren is simply needing more money to pay their people and cost of operations. Just like our schools. At least YOU can control the electricity you use. YOU CAN'T CONTROL HOW MUCH SCHOOL YOU USE! Are you done using Public school? Why are you still paying for it?
PaulRevere August 28, 2012 at 05:05 PM
At least AMEREN is up-front with their cost. Ameren is a utility-- So is MSD Your Sewer bills will be doubled to about $800 yr. (remember it was $240 yr) Where is the outcry? MSD employees get enormous pays. Yet they are invisible. so they went out and made loans to pay their bills so you would not see it NOW. But , in 15-20 years that loan must be paid off. Congratulations People--Every one of You will be billed over $2,500 to pay the loan. Unless you agree to another loan about doubled what is. Our MSD should be the one you scream at. All City and county residents have been scammed into indirectly-making loans to afford paying the real cost of our current Sewer operations. Msd making millions in loans to pay their bills will eventually come home to charging YOU. That is called kicking the problem down the road.


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