Parents Celebrate Babies Born 12-12-12

About twice as many babies were born as usual at SSM St. Joseph Health Center.

Hospital staff in the family birthplace at SSM St. Joseph Health Center hustled a little faster than usual Wednesday—12-12-12. 

By noon, four babies were born and at least four more were expected to arrive before midnight. 

"It's about double our normal amount," said Heather Perry, director of the Family Birthplace. Two of the deliveries were scheduled, Perry said, and two others were spontaneous. 

"Parents were excited," she said. 

Casey Otten, 28, was induced on Dec. 11, her due date. Her son, Alaric McKenna, was born in the morning on Dec. 12.

"I knew he would come sometime today," she said Wednesday, adding that she'd long hoped for a 12-12-12 birthday. "I thought it would be the coolest thing in the world. I've been talking about it since I found out he was due at this time." 

Special days, like 12-12-12 or New Year's Eve, often bring more women to the hospital to deliver. 

"It's just kind of a fluke," Perry said. "It happens to be one of those days." 

St. Joseph Health Center had more staff members scheduled for today to accommodate the additional moms. 

The special date is the last of this century, according to a story on ABC.com. 

Some numerologists say it's a lucky day, while others are skeptical that it holds any significance

Still parents who delivered Wednesday say they are happy about their babies' birth date.

Mary Robertson flew in from New Zealand in November to be here for her great-grandson's birth. She was amazed that his birth date is 12-12-12. 

"It's pretty special," she said. 


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