Klinghammer Beats Incumbent Daugherty in County Council District 6 Race

Democrat Jerry Daugherty lost to St. Charles City Councilman Michael Klinghammer.

St. Charles City Councilman Mike Klinghammer beat incumbent Jerry W. Daugherty for the District 6 St. Charles County Council seat, taking 53.71 percent of the vote.

Daugherty was the only Democrat on the county council since he beat Republican Dan Foust in 2008. He had 46.06 percent of the vote.  

Klinghammer has served on the city council for 12 years and spent several years as City Council president. 

He said he was interested in running for the County Council because he'd like to see St. Charles County and St. Charles City governments work more closely together. 

"I absolutely love local government," he said. "I think the real heavy lifting gets done on the local level that most directly affects residents." 

Klinghammer said both St. Charles City and County need to address the smoking ban issue in the coming months. 

"We need to maintain a level playing field to protect St. Charles County businesses as they compete throughout the area," he said. 

Klinghammer said the city of St. Charles should consider implementing a "preemptive" a smoking ban that would give businesses that prohibit anyone under 21 from coming in a waiver from the ban. 

"We don't want to ask people in the far western parts of the country to make a decision that impacts St. Charles," he said. 

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For all the St. Charles County election results, head here. 

With 24 of 24 precincts reporting here are the latest election results:

St. Charles County Council District 6 Total Percent Number of Precincts 24 Precincts Reporting 11 45.8% Candidates Jerry Daugherty DEM 9657 46.06% Mike Klinghammer REP 11261 53.71% Write-in Votes 49



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