HUGE Packing Kit for Your Move – Boxes, Bubble Wrap, Peanuts and Packing Paper

$100 TAKES ALL!! 

Please note that this is a package deal, and we are NOT willing to break it up – one and done is the only way.  Thanks for your understanding.

CLEAN – CLEAN – CLEAN!   All materials were purchased within the last 30 days and have been stored inside. 

We just moved (and are still unpacking), but need to move some of these just-used materials out of the new house.  This package would cost you more than $230 retail (see breakdown below). 

Here’s what we have:

36 small boxes – 3 easy-to-carry bundles of 13 boxes each.

30 medium boxes – 3 easy-to-carry bundles of 10 boxes each.

14 large boxes – 2 easy-to-carry bundles of 7 boxes each.

(All boxes are an assortment from U-Haul, Home Depot and Lowe’s.)

2 extra-large plastic bins of peanuts (yes, you get to keep the bins!)

Large bin full of bubble wrap (mostly small bubbles, some large bubbles).

Large bundle of packing paper (not newspaper, this is packing paper purchased for this move.)

Email:  NotYourGrandmasCrafts@aol.com

Here’s how the pricing breaks down:

New boxes:

Small = $0.69 each x 36 = $24.84

Medium = $1.12 each x 30 = $33.60

Large = $1.36 each x 14 $19.04

                Total = $77.48

New bubble wrap:  1 roll = $20 x 3 rolls = $60

New packing paper:  500 sheets = $26

 Packing peanuts:  2 bins full – new $70


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