Wireless Fiber Optic Speed Internet is coming to St. Charles

STLWIMAX is excited to announce that they have contracted two new towers in St. Charles County.  The towers located on Huster Road in north St. Charles County, and on highway 94 near the Page extension, will be able to deliver wireless fiber optic speed internet to the St. Charles City and surrounding areas.

STLWIMAX CEO Ben Koeneker states, “We are so pleased to offer wireless fiber optic speed internet to the businesses in St. Charles that have not been able to justify the typical fiber optic installation costs”. 

The delivery of WiMAX technology is secure, stable and private.  WiMAX technology is similar to Wi-Fi but in a secure network over greater distances.  STLWIMAX is ideal for VOIP phone systems due to their network design.   Because WiMAX is a dedicated line to your business, you do not share bandwidth with other subscribers.  Also, by offering scalable bandwidths, you can choose your download and upload speeds based on your needs.  Plans start at $99 and are available on their website STLWIMAX.com, or customize your own plan.  Even small businesses now have an affordable fiber optic speed option. 

For those companies that rely heavily on internet for day to day business and invested in traditional fiber optic connections, a redundant service with equal performance is now available.

STLWIMAX is located in Maryland Heights, MO and serves the greater St. Louis area including St. Charles, MO.


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