Ridenour Plastic Surgery Joins National Radiation Mark Removal Program

Local Practice Seeks to Give Cancer Patients a New Beginning


Ridenour Plastic Surgery, one of the region’s leading plastic surgery and professional skin care centers, has volunteered to participate in the New Beginnings: Radiation Mark Removal Program. The national philanthropic campaign offers free radiation mark removal for cancer patients. It is coordinated by the American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery, Inc. (ASLMS).


“This is a wonderful way to use the skills and expertise of our team to help those who have suffered through the trials of cancer treatments,” explained Dr. Brock Ridenour, MD FACS. "Our state-of-the-art laser systems can make a real difference in the lives of these cancer patients by removing the remaining vestiges of their radiation treatment. We are proud to offer this important service at no charge to any cancer patient at any time.”


Typically, cancer patients scheduled for external radiation treatments are “marked” with 2-3 small tattoo marks on the skin. These marks ensure that the radiation therapist can line up the radiotherapy machine in the exact same location each time. The marks remain permanently on the skin unless removed with a laser at the conclusion of all treatments.


Ridneour’s free removal service is open to all cancer patients year-round and is not limited to breast cancer or lymphoma survivors. Any cancer patient wishing to take advantage of this offer should contact Ridenour Plastic Surgery at 314/878-8600  to schedule a consultation. Patients must provide an official letter from their oncologist or radiologist approving the removal of any radiation marks or tattoos.





Ridenour Plastic Surgery is one of more than 150 board-certified ASLMS members nationwide that are participating in the program.


“The ASLMS membership includes very generous and caring medical professionals, just like Ridenour Plastic Surgery, who believe they can make a difference in the lives of cancer patients across the U.S. through their time and expertise,” commented Jeffrey S. Dover, M.D., FRCPC, Past President of the ASLMS. “We are pleased that Dr. Ridenour is participating.”


To schedule a free consultation at Ridenour Plastic Surgery, visit www.ridenourplasticsurgery.com, email info@ridenourplasticsurgery.com, or call 314/878-8600.




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