Chan Meditation: How should I really practice meditation?

9/7/2013  Sat.    9:00am – 4:00pm  (Registration is required.)

One day retreat Practising Meditation with the Right View. This one day retreat will be useful for practitioners from beginning to advanced. Students will learn many unique meditative methods which isolate various components of a proper meditative practice so that one may use the right  concentration to gain insight into Mind and the practice of Chan. See how easy meditation becomes when one investigates mind from the Right View.

* Registration by email: info@puremindcenter.org     Fee: $20 including lunch.

  Please make check payable to:  Pure Mind Center     Scholarship is available.

Place: Pure Mind Center, 7825 Olive Blvd., U. City

www.puremindcenter.org    (636) 825-3889


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