News from American Legion Post 342
News from American Legion Post 342


Former American Legion Post
Commander’s Act of Heroism


As so many
other area residents, Larry Miller came to pay his respects at the July service
of local St Charles community leader, Don Nippert, who passed away on July 24th.
At the wake, an elderly couple approached to pay their respects, and their
movements caught Miller’s eye. Larry remembers that the man was walking with
some difficulty using two canes, his wife looking frail and unsteady, herself.
Suddenly, the woman began to fall. Her husband looked on, helplessly. Larry
kicked away some chairs and threw his body to the ground to break the woman’s
fall, catching her. Her head hit his stomach. He shouted, “Call 911”, while the
surrounding guests looked on.

recognition of his actions, the American Legion has awarded Miller the Legion
Service Medal. When asked to comment, Larry was reluctant to acknowledge his
actions were anything out of the ordinary. “I suppose someone else may not have
done what I did, or reacted in a different way.”

paramedics arrived on the scene they asked Larry to remain prone on the floor,
saying the woman “looked comfortable” with Millers’ body supporting her
head.  The woman did survive the fall.
Paramedics on the scene remarked that Miller’s quick response “had probably
saved her life.” 

Larry Miller
served in the U.S. Army, is a former Legion Post 342 Commander, as was Don



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